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Less Than 10 is a formulate which assists environmental contractors and private industry in the environmentally sensitive and labor intensive process of cleaning up organic problems (i.e. PCB’s) and meets EPA guidelines in 40CFR 761.79 regarding PCB cleaning product


    This non-hazardous, fast-acting surfactant, effectively reduces PCB contamination from concrete, brick and other masonry surfaces by an average of 90% per application with a dwell time of only 15 (fifteen) minutes.

    Its effectiveness internally averages 60% per application to depths of 1 ½ inches on porous surfaces after a 1 (one) hour dwell time. Aside from being an extremely effective cleaner, Less Than 10 is non-toxic, nonflammable and biodegradable in its pure state (facts should satisfy even the most prudent environmental or safety manager).

    With personnel safety and public concern regarding the use of environmentally harmful solvents, Chemical Solutions International Corporation developed Less Than 10 as an alternative.

    Less Than 10 and resulting rinsate work very effectively when run through carbon filtration systems. Most of the PCB’s in solution will attach themselves to the carbon filters.


    Please reach out to us at for SDS and Technical Specs.

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